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Updated: October 26, 2023

Personal data processor



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The person managing the data

Sami Laiti

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For what purpose is personal data collected?

We save your personal data when you place an order or buy in our online store or in our workshop. We use the information to manage the customer relationship and our legal obligations. We do not collect personal data for marketing purposes, unless you have specifically requested it by joining, for example, a mailing list.

Legal basis for processing personal data

In a purchase transaction or when you place an order, a contract is created, for the implementation of which your contact information is requested. If you have ordered delivery, we also need your address information. The transport company usually asks for the phone number of the recipient so that they can be notified of the arrival of the shipment. Some transport companies require a phone number.

Giving a phone number is voluntary, except when placing an order which, due to the nature of the order, does not include a right of return. This is, for example, an order that is manufactured or modified according to your requirements or to clearly meet your personal needs. In this case, saving the phone number to identify the subscriber is a legitimate interest of the data controller. More information about the right to return on the delivery terms page.

IP addresses of website visitors and cookies necessary for the functions of the service are processed on the basis of a legitimate interest, e.g. to take care of information security and for the collection of statistical data of website visitors in those cases when they can be considered as personal data. If necessary, consent is requested separately for third-party cookies.

Our online store operates on a platform provided by Shopify Inc. You can read more information about Shopify's online store customer privacy protection here in English: .

How long the data is kept

In the online store's customer database, the information is kept for seven years. The messages saved by the phone, social media conversations and e-mail conversations are stored for seven years.

In situations like the maintenance and cleaning service, I take the phone number or other contact information on the paper that comes with your item. This shows your ownership in case of exceptional situations.

Notes may also be written on paper when placing an order. The notes are sent later, for example, by e-mail, so that both parties to the order are informed of the agreement in electronic form. Manual material is destroyed immediately when it has served its purpose.

Which other party can get the information?

The parties that process your personal data are Samekki's employees, the banks of the parties to the payment transaction, payment intermediaries (PayTrail Oyj, PayPal Holdings Inc. etc.), the provider of the online shopping platform (Shopify Inc.), our accounting office and possible transport companies and their necessary partners. All of these are necessarily related to the execution of our contract or legal obligations and do not pass your information on to third parties.

Proper protection of online traffic has been taken care of and all connections to the address "" are encrypted. On any website: Make sure your browser's address bar has a picture of a padlock to indicate encryption before sending sensitive information like credit card information.

Secure connection

Will personal data be transferred outside the EU?

Possibly. Your choice of payment method affects this.

The payment service provider PayPal is a US company. It's European branch operates from Luxembourg. The e-commerce platform provider Shopify Inc. operates both in the EU and internationally. In the EU, Shopify operates in Ireland.

Both PayPal and Shopify are committed to complying with the requirements of European data protection legislation, which e.g. the situations and protection measures are defined when data containing the personal information of Europeans can be transferred outside the EU. The implementation is supervised by the competent EU authorities.

More information on PayPal: PayPal and your contact information .

More information about Shopify: .

A person's data protection rights

You have a right

  • know what personal data the organization has about you
  • to know how and for what purpose your personal data is processed
  • request the correction of your incorrect, inaccurate and incomplete personal data
  • request the deletion of your personal data
  • object to the processing of your personal data
  • request the restriction of the processing of your personal data
  • transfer your information to another organization
  • not to be subject to automatic decision-making without justification.

Know your rights: .

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments or complaints, for example regarding your data protection. We will do our best to take care of the matter as soon as possible.

The right to file a complaint with the data protection authority

You have the right to file a complaint with the data protection authority about the processing of your personal data. More information at: .

The right to withdraw consent at any time if the processing is based on consent

If the basis for the processing of your personal data is consent, you can withdraw your consent at any time. For example, emails sent to an email list have a link, through which you can quickly and easily leave the list. Please note that we can only remove your personal data from our systems if we have no legal obligations to continue processing your personal data.

Information about automatic decision-making and processing-related logic

The information is not used for automated decision-making or profiling.