Ring size

Measuring ring size

In Finland, ring size is usually indicated as the ring's inner diameter in millimeters. A good way to get an accurate result is to measure an existing ring of the appropriate size. You get an accurate result with a caliper. With a keen eye, measurement can also be done with a ruler. For the diameter, it would be good to get the result with an accuracy of at least 0.5 mm, preferably to the nearest tenth.

If you don't have a suitable ring, you can also measure the circumference of your finger. You can use a tape measure or wrap a strip of paper around your finger, for example, and ask someone to mark the correct measurement on the strip. Circumference is converted to diameter by dividing it by π ( π ). Sufficient accuracy is obtained by dividing the circumference by 3.14.

Result of the finger measurement varies throughout the day. Avoid measuring cold fingers. In the evening, your fingers are usually slightly swollen, which is a good time to measure. It is good for a wide ring to be slightly larger than a narrower ring that fits on the same finger. Do not measure too tightly. In your measurement, take into account that the ring must fit over the knuckles.

When ordering a new / custom-made ring you can just tell me the circumference. I'll convert the diameter to circumference anyway. In addition, an advantage of the circumference measurement is that one cannot confuse it with another measurement method. I serve customers worldwide, there are numerous ring size measurements around the world that are easily mixed with each other. For example, the Finnish 18 is about 16 in Japan and about 17 in Switzerland. These relatively small numbers do not give the smith the same certainty as a circumference of 57. (More precisely, the diameter of 18 mm corresponds to the size of 56.5 mm in circumference.) Of course, I understand that the smaller number of the diameter may sound nicer. By the way, the inner circumference of the ring in millimeters is the EU standard (ISO 8653:2016).

Most jewelry stores that sell rings should have ring measurements or you can order them for yourself if the measurement result feels uncertain.

Changing the size of a ring

Simple rings are usually easy to stretch a little bigger. Some details, such as set stones, can make this difficult. Repetitive patterns in engravings or in the shape of the ring itself may also suffer. A slightly tight ring is easier to adjust than a ring that is clearly too big. In a ring that is clearly too small, the smith may have to add material. In a ring that is too big, there is certainly enough material to reduce it, in which case a piece of the ring is sawed off and the ends are joined again.

Changing the size of a ring must always be evaluated individually. You can get more information by contacting us .