Maintenance and repair

If your jewelry has lost its sparkle or suffered damage, you can bring it to us for maintenance.

Cloudy jewelry

We remove dirt and oxidation, after which the precious metal jewelry is tumbled with steel shot and a kind of soapy liquid to make it shiny again. This takes 1-2 hours, depending on the condition. I often hear a customer exclaim "They're like new!"

Scratched jewelry

Sometimes life has brought scratches on jewelry that won't go away with tumbling. These require polishing by hand, which takes some time. We'll be able to tell you what is best to do, once we see the jewelry.

Broken jewelry

If part of your jewelry comes off or is bent, you can bring it in for repair. If the part can be found, always better. We can tell what needs to be done with it once we see the damage.

Changing the needle

Is your brooch's silver needle blunt or bent like a corkscrew? Ask for a stainless steel needle.

Dress silver

Preferably remove the silver from Sámi dresses and belts beforehand. If necessary, we can do the work for you and also attach silver buttons to new belts. There is a charge for deassembly and assembly work.

Electrolysis services

The surface of many of our products is electrolytically silver or gold flashed. The color fades over time. Silver cleaning liquids in particular thin the gilding. This is also a way to fade a new gilded dangle closer to the color of a missing one. Ask for more information.

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