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Commission work

Currently I have plenty of work in my hands so I cannot accept new orders. Thank you for understanding.

I make various precious metal and Sámi handicraft products to order.

The most frequently asked for Sámi handicrafts are guksi cups and knives. Other items that belong to my area of ​​expertise in Sámi handicrafts are, for example, leuku-knife, needle case, various burl vessels, chests, gietka (a type of cradle), antler clasps, belt weaving tools, various antler and burl boxes, traditional bentwood boxes and so on.

In addition to learning from my family, I have studied for a professional degree in Sámi Duodji at Sámi Education Institute in Inari. I specialized in precious metal work and forging tools. I forge blades, gouges and other tools from silver steel (K510, high carbon steel) or other suitable carbon steel. In the case of special steels like RWL-34 that do not lend themselves well for forging, I at least shape and make the necessary heat treatments myself.

I sew the hard rawhide sheaths with reindeer or elk back sinew in the traditional way. Sometimes I sew from reindeer skin and fur for my own use. The sisti works traditionally obtained from Samekki are made by relatives and friends who specialize in soft Sami handicrafts. These products include bags, neck purses, tin wire bracelets and coffee bags, for example. 


Following prices are indicative. The final price is determined by agreement.

Knife prices start at 300 euros. The price for an elaborately decorated antler-sheathed knives is four figures.

Around two deciliter guksi cups start at 300 euros. With antler inlay or reinforcement they cost around 500 euros and up. The price is greatly influenced by the size and quality of the burl as well as the inlay and engraving.

In wedding rings, the design and metal have a big impact on the cost. It is good to be prepared for my offer to be at least €500 per ring.

Order schedule

Currently I have plenty of work in my hands so I cannot accept new orders. Thank you for understanding.

I have time for making new orders over 300 euros in January 3124. Smaller orders, especially for silver, are made on a faster schedule. In particular, you should inquire about the products in the sales collection, even if the online store says "made to order". I intentionally leave such products visible so that people know to inquire about them. Models that have gone out of active production will not remain visible in the online store when the last one has been sold.

- Sami Laiti